Which stocks to trade EOD


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Hi folks,

I looking to start trading some US Stocks on a EOD basis.

Basically I'm after stocks that tend to move decent amounts, i.e. trend.

My initial thought is some Nasdaq Stocks, the question is which ones?

Anyone have any pointers?


trade them intraday, othrerwise you'll lose with them gapping most days, check out the 'tpical day trading the U.S. thread' for ideas, thats what i do,easy peasy
Hi martin,

I'm trading futures intraday, need to do EOD for my pension fund.

yeah ok, but don't you want stability for your pension fund? is it a SIPP?
don't futures kill you with stress? honestly go find out how to find stocks that give you dosh every day with little stress
another thing, i was trained by mr Charts and he was chatting about his investing and hes got a method that gives profits every year since i think he said 1990 useing FTSE350 stocks holding for weeks or months, priv mail him, hes very helpful
Hi Martin,

Looks like I might have to book an appointment to see Mr Charts later in the year then to trade Stocks intraday!

It would also be nice to know his EOD method.

i'd done some trading but not well and i got him to come to me and he taught me how to make money from intraday US shares, he taught a mate of mine first then me, hes not like anybody else teaching cos i'd been to a few and got nowhere, then Mr C and it suddenly all came together right
Looks as if this thread as died. Pity, because I'm also interested in trading NASDAQ stocks EOD. I've tried day trading the Dow/SP, but it's not for me. I can't stand being in front of a display all day..!!

Nearly all the threads on this board are devoted to day trading, look at the 'Position and Swing Trading' section.. No posts since 1/8. Are there any message boards which have a decent EOD trading section.?

Cheers Snip
As it happens i'm just changing my SIPP to allow me to trade the Nasdaq EOD.I've used another family account for longer term plays in the past.

The last six months for EOD traders in the Nasdaq as things have taken off have been superb.Showing once again that in the right stocks and sectors the Nasdaq is really the place for those exceptional gains which is what you need in any SIPP.

Not just tech but other areas as well.Jetblue Airways $24-$58 since March for instance.COCO in the education sector up from $5-$57 in the last three years.

When i'm looking and researching stocks to day trade i bring up lots of exiting Nasdaq stocks for longer term holdings.I learnt an excellent EOD method from a US trader in Vegas which has always served me exceptionaly well and recently the results have been not short of outstanding.I think EOD,SIPP trading in Nasdaq stocks is set to become very interesting and is something that will catch on as more and more people do it.
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Hi Naz

I suppose you wouldn't like to tell us about your EOD method.? I have been trading now for about 18 months without much success, mostly day trading. It would be nice to get into profit again with a nice little EOD system. No more staring at the screen for hours..!!

Cheers Snip
Hi Naz,

Which SIPP provider is letting you trade Nasdaq 100 stocks?

I'm currently with Sippdeal but would very much like this feature..

Hi Jonny T,

Comdirect.com are doing it for me.

Hi Snip,

You know i'd love to let you know about my EOD method but it just wouldnt be fair to people who i've taught it to.

And no it has nothing to do with level 2.

That is why its so good for using in a SIPP.Just walk away and get on with life without having to follow the screens all day.

SIPP trading Nasdaq stocks EOD is going to catch on because of the returns.Just take a stock like YHOO up 100% since Feb.Up from about $9 to $36 in under the year.With a past record of trading from well below $10 to well over $200 in 2.5 years.

Nasdaq stocks move and i think many will see the benefits of trading them within in a SIPP.

Please excuse my ignorance in these matters, but what is a SIPP.?

Maybe this novice trader needs one of your courses. Do you teach one to one or is it all contained in a book.?

Cheers Snip
I think the great thing about Nasdaq stocks is not just the daily opportunities they present for intra-day trading with wonderful moves using either the methods Naz employs or the ones I use, but the ability to make money longer term wrapped in SIPPS. However, unlike day trading when you can be safely in 3-5 trades at any one time, if you are going to hold positions for a long period you really must diversify by spreading your risk over a dozen stocks and not have them all in the same sector.
Also you need to face reality and get out if the market heads south. No-one should make the error so many did post March 2000 of staying long and watching money flow away because they think of themselves as long term investors who can simply "wait for the market to come back".
At least people should get themselves a bit of an options education and learn how to protect themselves in very basic ways by perhaps buying some deep OTM puts.
Hi Snip

Naz does do 1-2-1 teaching and I believe he has a CD out :)

SIPP = Self-invested personal pension. So a pension that you pick the contents of :)
Snip, I think Naz's courses are a real snip and a SIPP is something you should sip whilst still young enough and Gordon Brown doesn't snap his greedy jaws closed on them
FB, Thanks for the info. I might just PM Naz and see whats on offer.

MrC, To late for this old codger then... I just need something to supplement my pension.. :D

Cheers Snip
Learn to trade the US intraday for profit and intellectual stimulation. Lots of retired people do; but you're probably half my age!

Bin there, done that.. although probably not very well. I get no intellectual stimulation staring at a screen all day watching every tick, to much else to do. I just need a nice easy EOD system that provides moderate returns.

Cheers Snip