Where trade best All Ordinaries ASX Mini 100

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Oct 6, 2015
Dear all,

I would like to start trading a CFD-equivalent on the All Ordinaries,
the Australian index.

CFDs usually incurre a round-trip cost of 2-3 points. So if ASX is 5000 pay 2 points
in spread / commission.

Now, CFD are not so trustworthy as Market-Makers play games with their clients.
There is the ASX Mini 100. As I understand a mini future that can be
traded instead of CFD on the ASX. So you are trading in the real market
and not against a market maker.

Does anybody know a good place / broker that will incurre commissions
in the CFD-area but is not a market maker and has fast trade execution?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions, Erich