Where to find the ATR (average true range) Please?


Hi all,
I am looking to find a chart program that shows the ATR (average true range) for a given Index, Currency or Future.
The ATR is the measure of market volatility and I would like this to make sure any one of my bets doesn't risk more than 2% of my overall fund.

I have looked in sharescope (which I have) without success. Any answers would be most appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.



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Many charting packages have this and it is difficult to recommend one without further information as to whether you use eod or real time, what instruments you want to trade on what exchanges and what feed you wish to use. are you spreadbetting only?

May I suggest that some time spent looking at the T2W software guide might be helpful.

If you have reached a stage where you feel you need more than Sharescope provides then you probably have a fair bit of looking to do before you find what is right for you

Start by looking at the Toolboxes available and come back with any additional questions

Best wishes



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This is what my software says about it.

Average True Range is one of the components used in the calculation of Directional Movement. It is a volatility measure using a non-statistical measure of volatility. True Range is always a positive number and is defined as the largest of the following:

· Distance between today’s high and low

· Distance between today’s high and yesterday’s close

· Distance between today’s low and yesterday’s close

The Average True Range is a moving average of these True Ranges. As with all volatility measures, a high value tends to indicate uncertainty which can indicate market lows (more often) and market highs.

If its part of direction movement it is designed by Wilder who did RSI too.


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