What's going on???


I placed an order to buy CTM yesterday afternoon at about 3:30. The price then was around 42.75-43p. Somehow the ordered was executed this morning at 49p, which wiped out all my profits. Is it a 'technical conspiracy' or what?
Oh dear, its all gone wrong, but, i'm sure Sharky will fix it...... cos he's a ***star*** :)
he he.. thanks Col! ;)


Not sure what went wrong there - v.strange, no one else having delayed trades going through? Don't worry I'll update it this evening with the correct entry price.

Thanks Sharky.



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Hi Sharky, My trades yesterday afternoon should be , sold BARC @ 3.52p, bought ARM @ 47.25p, give or take a tadge.
No worries - I'm very trustworthy! Will update yours tonight too - especially as you're both at the top of the table. Hope no one else had problems, otherwise it could be a late night!

Hi sharky

What happened to my Oxford Glyco trade at 150p yesterday?

Sharky, I'll think you'll find that the system "froze" at about 3.15 yesterday pm, and that all trades after that went thru at 8.22 this morning when the prices had changed and the spreads widened. It's worse than that because stop-losses weren't triggered yesterday afternoon either. A lot of people/trades were affected (not as severely as Nice One), and you'll certainly have a late night if you reinstste them all. Regards, Andy
Thanks Andy,

I suspected something like that may have happened. At least it looks like everything went through okay today. But you're right this could be a very long night if I tried to fix everyones trades. Therefore anyone who is now in the Top 10 as of tonight, who had problems last night - I'm happy to update their trades if they query it on this thread. As for your trade JonnyT, but the looks of it you've not even entered this month's comp, so I'm at a loss!

Hi Paul,

Didn't you notice Oxford Glyco was up big time yesterday so I thought I could have a bit of fun. Everyone else seemed to be claiming good trades ;o)

Where did that CW cover price @ 66.25p delayed time of 4:54pm come from, can't find it, didn't see it.. around 69p is all i saw..must have blinked at the crucial moment..... Drat missed it again ;-0(( lol
Yep. Im getting the hang of this now. I meant to buy a share yesterday, but something happened. I would have made 6K if I had bought it.

Does this count:)