What is Your New Years Trading Resolution?


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Keep doing what I'm doing.
Don't get cocky.
Do more HIIT exercising. I really like the outcomes.
All my numbers tell me I have an edge. (for the moment)
Spend more time reading / learning. Maybe take formal certifications.
Re-take my scuba certifications and go abroad for more enjoyable dives.
Explore this Wim Hof thing (deep breathing exercising)
Expand property portfolio, now that I am 53, and potentially need a pension pay-off in a decade or so.
Have fun.

PS: really take time to read thread titles before posting streams of consciousness.


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Not all about trading but there are some good financial ones here:


The ones I have taken are:

  • To treat regular savings and investments as fixed expense that are deducted as soon as I get paid each month. And increase that amount by a good proportion of any rise in income to avoid lifestyle creep
  • Review your financial plan. Where do you need to be on January 1 2020? And think about fees — do you know how much your investments cost? This will be more important than ever, given current volatility.
  • I’m going to use a simple online retirement calculator to work out how much my pension will be worth in 30 years if I keep contributing at my current rate. If it’s not enough, I’ll try to save more
  • I plan to start regular investing via one of the DIY investment platforms and can do so from just £25 a month. Markets are looking choppy but I’m looking to the long term and taking the plunge.
  • Goal to have two roughly equal pots of shares, and actively managed funds.
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