What will happen to Bitcoin , Gold and Spx in case of war ?



Due to the confliction between Ukraine and Russia , I decided to look back in to the history , and see what happened to Bitcoin , Gold and SPX when we had war or confliction.

Here is the list of the wars that I mentioned in the chart : ( I understand of the ongoing wars and some other I did not mentioned ! )

1 . Iran shoots down US drone aircraft
2 . Iranian General Assassinated
3 . Operation Martyr Soleimani
4 . Nagorno-Karabakh war
5 . Tigray War
6 . Fall of Kabul

According to my studies all of the war news has been bullish for the 3 assets ! (Except for one time for gold on Tigray War which can be ignored. )
Just to be said , this would be far different if we get in to a world war !

The question is : in case of starting a war between Russia and Ukraine , what would happen to cryptocurrencies ?
As a technical analyst , we always look backward and see what happened in history , then we get some information and that's where analysis starts !
So , we can say BTC and Gold are safe assets during the war , and also SPX ( focus on arms stock! they are to sell weapons ! ) Its just the same for fuel carriers and oil!

Be aware , this is not financial advise , It's just a study of what happened in the history and there is no guarantee for now.

Link to Tradingview chart : https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BTCUSD/eVfetCmF-BITCOIN-THE-WARRIOR/