What spread does your broker offer...


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Including commission I pay on average .7 pips on EURUSD in my MB Trading Pay For Limits account. I expect that to rise now that they have slashed the pay for limit amount..... but those trades are still free of commission and have about a .7 pip spread during the prime hours I trade.

Maybe with the lower bounty they now pay it will average .8... don't know....haven't had enough time to collect the data since they made the change. The .7 pip figure is based on 9 month's worth of trades.... hundreds and hundreds of trades averaged together in a spreadsheet.

There are times in a fast moving market where I can't use a limit order, then I have to pay the .7 pip spread plus .25 pips commission. All the trades I make with a limit order that do pay the bounty, offset the commission I am charged on my market orders.... which aren't that many.

Since they introduced this account type I have learned to use limit orders almost all the time, where previously I used market orders. With their DeskTop software you can set it up so yo can have 1 click limit order trading 1/2 pip away from the current price, which will get filled in all but the fastest of markets.... when I see price spiking and you must trade...I just use a market order and pay the commission with all the limit bounty money I have accumulated.

Remember though that spread width is only one metric you need to consider.

What's the execution model? (most important IMHO STP w/ no requote or STP/ECN no requote or pass on them)
Do they requote (deal killer... f*ck 'em)
Fixed spread or not.... if not how wide do they get in CB rate announcement and NFP is a way to gauge between them.
How close can you place your order? Inside the spread? 30 pips away?
What's the minimum tradeable lot size, and is any commission scaled down to the smallest tradeable lot?

Probably more... that's just a quick list off the top of head.


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Every broker earns their money from different spreads. Some broker takes high spread and some brokers take low spread. Actually it depends on them. However my broker forex-metal spread is too low. their average spreads is .3. Also they have ECN accounts with low spreads.


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if im not mistaken, on EUR USD its like between 1.4 and 1.5 pips on a standard account, but I've seen it go to 1.7 at times, i trade with hotforex. though I dont look into spreads much, i avoid scalping :D


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I prefer a dynamic spread, but 0.1 is awesome. Are you able to execute trades at that level?

You need to look at an average spread sampled over time. You need to trade when you need to trade, you can't let price move several pips while you wait for the spread to be what you want, so look at what the average is over a large sample size, as I did with MB Trading. MB varies from 0 to .9 as well, but that isn't useful information.... it averages .7 pips, so that is what your costs will be over time.


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