What personality should a winning trader have? Does it even matter?


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Guys, I'm wondering, do you think there are any specific personality characteristics that can make you a more successful trader?
Or on the other side of the equation - are there any personality characteristics that should keep you from trading? What do you think?

A sense of humor. No winning trader goes without one that is native to him. After a big loss the only thing that rescues such a MAN is a joke(s). Lafffter = best medicine for ALL Life but for Traders its like a shot of fortified vitamins and minerals.

Laffter is extinct here at T2W.

Laffter was the #1 atmosphere at ET until late 2018. Then it started dying off and the traders started leaving, most oldtimers are gone

How often would an American post from his cubicle at work that his loud laffter was causing alarm at the workplace and associates are asking him wtf is going on and he'd show them and they'd be hooked too.

ET's owner's premise from the old days was that he wanted to be as true to the language of Wall Street as possible, so 4 letter words and all sorts of jokes flew like there was no tomorrow and the traders laffffffffed and lafffffed and laffffffed their asses off and it was bloody good fun to just get in there and catch up and post. NOT the stupid idea of making a thread just for jokes - the dumbest thing EVER, it kills the joke's power at the front door itself as it has no or fake context. In open forum the thread's context battle charges the joke and it explodes on the traders.

Both forums are dead meat nowadays. Fibo is doomed to hang out with dried up nuns.


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