What is your favorite Strategy?


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if I am long and the market is falling i turn my screen upsidedown to make me feel better....
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I developed my own code to display a set of indicators that are real-time as it gets... no lagging EMA stochastic or the sort...

Basically if there was an experienced, willing backer, I would share what I have developed over this past year... Its been really accurate - but is best on very sort time-frame algo trading... indicators just dont do it for me any more...

In general - I look at the instanteous rate of change, acceleration and ranges of several hundred symbols at a time - each with a specific calculated weighted value to determine market directional bias for that given second and a calculated market pressure indicator that helps predict highs and lows and turning points...

It works great for market days up and down when things are moving... but its not so great on mostly flat days... I have another that works during those days - but its more or less based on lagging data and only exits trades when in conflict with the calculated pressure indicator and directional indicator.. I'd love to get more feedback these two to make them better...

I have the basic indicators programmed for Think or Swim - ThinkScript... Then I moved to TradeStation and Easy Language which is where I finished off most of my code and trading system based on those custom indicators...

I would like to include some "bigger picture" calculations not necessarily to trade with - but to limit trading direction on so as not to get caught on a pullback then reversion up or otherwise...

I am 34. I owned a real estate brokerage. I am a computer programmer and electronics tech (US Navy veteran). I am a mason, a father and confident in my calculations. I want to learn more - so I can program it and add my own two cents in where it can help churn out a little more profit.

So as not to violate any odd securities rules - I will not post my entire system online - but I will certainly allow anyone to log in to my pc with teamviewer or vnc who is a serious trader and willing to help me develop it further or who is willing to teach me more...

I am focused on algo trading now - above all other things. This is the way to make money... no guess work... no human errors. faster executions and reduced commissions to boost profits. I don't know how others claim to make money with their systems but still have to manually enter the trades...

Show me a system that works - I can make it better, faster and automatic.

PS I decided to return to college as a business finance major with computer science minor this semester... these 18-20 somthings in college are pretty smart kids - but they lack a lot of basic understanding of how the business world and political world really works... they are programmed to be job seekers - not business owners or risk takers... but these kids are indeed very smart and if you can get your hands on a couple younger students with a brain - you might see some huge potential on how they can help you refine your systems and tools you already use... just my thoughts... I plan to hire as many as I can to help analyze and look for statistical and mathematical functions to use in trading activities...

We are only working with funding from my own business now - but are setup with a tax attorney, a cpa, a securities broker and a couple other business owners who see the potential... we might be launching a fund if we can not find a partner to help us prove our systems on a larger scale...

We will be posting our signals, signals based on actual trades as well.

I hope more people begin to share their strategies and what works for them - I love learning!



go to Flashes thread and start calling trades ......thats where people will measure your success ;)

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My favorite strategy known as binary bullion which is a professional-level indicator set consisting of 5 forex indicators, including a buy/sell entry arrow system.
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