What is the best forex robot available and do you recommend?

Hi! if you think that these machines generate a magical effect and eliminate all kinds of losses, you need to change your thinking. Robots only reduce the work load to a certain extent. However, you still need to keep a close watch on the market. (y)
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You will not sell your holly grail, but that is a good idea to sell the system that can make 10-20 % per month.

I trade with EA Shark and pretty happy with it.
i don't use robots at all and i'm a pretty rookie trader but;

in backtesting on MATLAB (out of curiosity and the fact i CBA doing my management accounting assignment) an automated EMA crossover strategy is profitable. this automated strategy requires that each pip be a very small percentage of account size so that the drawdowns don't wipe you out.

it follows the trends, gets a bit of profit then when the market goes sideways or starts bouncing off the ema the account and profit start to blow up lol

also a martingale strategy robot will be profitable

just make sure you have a huge account and trade at like 10 cents (or pennies, or the equivalent) per pip.

huge account would be $100,000 so that each pip is 0.0001% of your account

i know this isn't strictly correct mathematically because a martingale strategy actually requires an infinite account to achieve the 100% expected value... but who has infinite accounts (sorry, i like my economic agents rational and their income to be a constraint)

two very simple robots (in terms of programming the strategy) no idea how you can get a robot to place an order though (leave that to the computer engineers)
I agree with Club - Matt, the founder of Collective 2 is incredibly hands on and very committed to developing a genuinely transparent platform. But remember, knowledge is power - reading about the markets will get you a lot further than buying an overpriced algorithm.
Hello all, i am new to this forum:):)

Surfing through the internet, there are too much robot software to be chosen. And we do not know how good/how clever the robot to trade for us automatically every single second.

I have a few years experience in forex trading, indeed i can't deny robot trading is the most convenient way to trade from home. I have been trading using my own skills for the first 2 years of my forex life, and then switch to robot trading in current 2.5 years.

With robot assistance, i have more time to study for other aspects in foreign currencies trading, rather than learning sophisticated technical instrument which might not necessarily applied in all cases. There is no perfect robot software written in the world to trade forex well, i can only say we must choose the most reliable and consistent one.

I found this robot works well with me over the pass 2.5 years. There is no doubt from me to introduce him to you all. With the assistance of the robot, i can now have more time explore other aspects in forex, and thus i am now confident enough to say what i am doing right now:- [I am doing an investment]

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Forex Striker - History's 1st Patented Trade Robot

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I have heard about robot trading many times but up to now, i have not tried it. My friend, you can use Expert advices and robot for your trading if you want. But i recommend you that you should not trade with them. I have many people say that it is not efficient much
I am using Forexgoldmachine EA and Superscalper. Please note that you need to choose a good broker for those EA.s
There are many robots on the market and i could produce one a day and show you amazing results but it would all be lies. Photoshop is used to falsify results (and its easy to do) and its very easy to cherry pick a screenshot to show how wonderful it is. I have done a lot of work into this in my past life and its about 97% of advertised robots which do not work. Finding the 3% has been my goal now for many years and yes there are a few and its like finding a needle in a haystack. But my quest continues.