: What I learnt losing £60,000 in my first year as a full-time trader...

It's getting one's psychology right that takes quite a while...being good at TA, MM and fundementals usually doesn't take you anywhere unless you get that one right...That's the important message for me in that article...

Hopefully I'd realise I was an idiot long before I lost £60k.

One would probably start to realise that half way after losing 30k Sterling.
That's how much it takes. The market needs some people to lose money so that others like me may prosper :cheesy:
yep good article. I never lost that much in trading capitol but when i started out I thought it would be easy so decided to go full time straight away.if you include my living expenes for the first few years,I lost near that amount,and thats including a trading profit of about 5k in my first year which turned out to be a fluke.Had to go back to work:mad: but things arent too bad now
The 60k lost would have been a exercise in learning to be a snake oil salesman, which is what he is.
Having met him, he did not look like he had 60k to lose.
Lost $15k to $20k the market and $5k to Baghdaddy...

That was a few years ago. All along $25k or so if my brain cells are still with me.

It really does take 1 to 2 years to get the hang of for a normal person. Just do your 24 months and the rest will come.