What different types of trading are there?

Jul 24, 2015
I have a little bit of knowledge about trading, how to use different indicators to a certain extent, a bit of fundamental knowledge and some other bits and pieces. I'm only know starting to learn some of the basics I think.

I was filling out the T2W profile information and it said about trading types. I had heard of a swing trader and a day trader. I thought they were strategies however. I personally am interested in swing trading as it is the easiest to be done in my spare time, right? And day trading is for a more "Full time" trader to I think? What are the other types of trading and who are they intended for.
Nov 30, 2015
scalping, which is the most time intensive and interactive form of constant trading...and long term position trading. i believe that covers the main four types (these two in addition to the two you mentioned). and yes, swing trading (along with long term trading) generally require the least screen time. does that answer your question?