Whale trading blueprint

Aug 29, 2015
well Becks

I quote what I said:

'It cost me £3K which is a lot but these trades are with me long term and I'm happy with progress.
I lost money before making it, as I learned the trades and refined the program down to the three that I focus on.

That's it. I think the program cost is high, it's not a walk in the park to get anywhere with it (but I think that's mainly down to the trader), I have no axe to grind or agenda here, just to share how I got on with it.'

So I didn't say I was happy to pay £3K.
Do you bring this level of attention to detail to your trading?
Is that why you paper trade?

Let me ask you:
Tell me a FTSE or ASX options expiry trade that has lost money over the last year - that's right, 24 trades.
Answer - not one.
Tell me how the last 5 extreme gaps on the NASDAQ have not been profitable.
Tell me how FTSE R3/S3 trades are not profitable with a very high hit rate.
Answer - you can't. The trade history is as of record.

And as for option selling. Here's a tip that'll call you out. SELL some DAX 9800 puts now, today, immediately. If you're afraid then you know how to paper trade. Do it. Let's all watch as the options expiry worthless and you pocket the premiums. Perhaps you'll bottle it if there's a market correction or volatility spike? Perhaps you won't know how to take advantage of increased volatility? Of course you don't. See you Jun 15.

You're not the judge of my credibility, but there again grudge-filled trolls never are.

Sell some DAX options below 9800, wow, thanks for such a wonderful tip! This sounds very much like the PIE system to me, so are you and your cronies at Magnetic copying their so called system now???? Which in itself is a very old and well-known trading strategy

How much are Magnetic paying you to post these ‘expert’ posts of yours?

You’re a scammer