wealth-lab or similar backtesting software


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To all,

I'm looking at software that can test trading theory's, currently Im looking at wealth-lab.com, are there any others as the software feeds into wealth lab are limited to a few data feed providors and they are pretty expensive to for testing back dated software imho

Caption on wealth-lab.com pretty much sums it up what I'm looking for.
"Welcome to Wealth-Lab.com, the first interactive trading system development laboratory on the web. Develop and back test your own stock market trading systems, and explore the systems contributed by other members. We rank all submitted trading systems monthly, so you see which strategies are working best in the current market conditions. "


You can buy TradeStation 7.x for about $120 per month. Only includes US stocks and futures.

You can buy TradeStation 2000i (which is essentially a database). Then buy data to fill it and get a real time feed. You can put any data you want into it. Several people use eSignal which costs anywhere between about $50 and $150 per month depending on what data you want. Or you can use IB for real time and find historical data from elsewhere.

If you're a good programmer then you can use Sierra Chart to drop data into Excel and then analyse it with Visual Basic or similar.

I don't think you can really backtest cheaply. Even Wealth Lab costs $650 + data.

Metastock has excellent facilities for the price imo.
User code is pretty straightforward and samples come with the package. There is also a lot of user code on the web. Guppytraders etc.
Data cost depends on what data you want.
e.g. EOD UK equities from advfn.com for £5.88 per month.
best progs for backtesting are i.m.h.o. MS8, TS2ki and amibroker (which is cheapest of those, does EOD and RT, will download reqiored data from free servers (if available) and has a very fast and portfolio backtesting facility.

For newbies like me theres a cheap natural language programming frontend, for every body who thinks he can cope with wealth-lab there is AFL and accessibility through mainstream languages.

And theres a dedicated usergroup and a dedicated developer.

No spam, just a grateful customer.

And for historical data (alas only US equity, funds, canada amd indices) you could download www.stockwiz.com the program + 120mb data compressed for free. Importing and exporting to major formats, mainly ms, ascii, csv excel etc.

Daily updates incuding fundamentals ( which could be included in backtest by means of the free included prog) are less than $15.00
(try negotiating- I got 9.99)