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'your subconscious mind doesn't have the ability to argue or dispute what it is told. If you give it wrong information, it will accept it as true. It will then work to make that information correct. It will bring your suggestions, even those that were false, to pass as conditions, experiences
and events. ' The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

What the author is saying is that you will bring your thoughts to materialise. This is really true when it comes to trading...but you know it already ;-)


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Brys, this is really true in far more than just a trading context.

You invariably get what you focus on. So choose carefully!


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"You invariably get what you focus on. So choose carefully!"...hmmm interesting thought,but will my wife really believe I was just carrying out an see if it held true...LOL..certainly be a very novel defence to divorce...the court must understand that only in a very superficial manner could my clients' actions be construed to be all times he was a scientist in search of empirical evidence..I offer in support of this view my clients' detailed notebook... ;)


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Trading In The Zone is great and traders should write exams based on that ;-) For those who want to push if further get The Power of Now. Rather amazing book. May not be the easiest reading but it gives you a lot of perspective.

cheers and trade to trade well.


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Physiological processes also come into effect when you enter a trade.. adrenaline can cause tunnel vision for example so you don't see what you should see... and causes the typical 'rabbit in headlight' syndrome when a trade is going badly wrong
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