Watch Mice Group (MEG)

Max Damage

!0 years outstanding growth behind them and totally predictable. One of the best trades going. Always run up to new high leading upto and usually just after results and then settle back. Results always excellent and this year will be no different as the main man bought 50,000 shares the other week. Expect them to break the 165p high and move up then as per usual fall back but to around 160p level for next time:D
Bought today at 128p as some chartists have said there is a clear buy signal + the fundementals of course
Here's the TA:
Resistance @ 142.
Rising support @ 120.
Price forming a Bullish Wedge from October.
The overall longterm trend that has been in force since Dec 98 was broken in Oct 2000, and the price has been in a trading range since then of 113-163.
21DAy MA is 10p above today's close, and is in a down trend.
Target price is 174, derived from traditional wedge breakout theory - assuming it happens.There have been several previous wedge breakouts, and these have mostly conformed to price target calculations!
On the down side , there is a strong double top in force at 163p (01/09/00 and 27/03/00), which may prove dificult to overcome.
163p would do me for a nice profit. One thing on these if you go back the last few years they always run up before always exceptional results. Good buying today but what will monday bring with the US dropping again. And the director bought 50K before entering closed period which is reassuring