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I've had calls like that... I just tell them that all I trade is the DJI and never ever touch shares.... eventually they give up and I miss a golden opportunity yet again. :)


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i have had these but just tell them to 'do one' ie: I consider it an intusion and as such I afford them the same courtsey they afford me, ie none, - particularly when they try the mind numbing hard sell ********.

we are all different.


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When I get calls like this, I just ask them for their FSA registration number....if they can't give it to you, likely not to be authorised to conduct investment business in the UK....therefore, it's a scam.


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I used to be one of these people.......I just wrote a bloody huge response but computer crashed

To summerise
1Brokers in states not governed by FSA

2They are not permitted to contact individuals Only institutions (if they call you personally tell them this)

3If you ask to be taken off their list they must legally do so (saying not interested doesnt wash and they will call you back more)

4 Dont slam down phone or not take call, this is seen as a sign of weakness and they will call even more-listen to them for a while ask some stupid questions and finish with ....Im not doing this trade because i dont need any more money, Im rich enough.......It gets under their skin!!!

5 Remember these people are not brokers, traders, analysts...they are simply sales people who regularly know bugger all about what they are selling.........ask technical questions such as the dividend cover and peg ratios..............bear in mind they have crib sheets next to them with volumes, P/e ratios, yields etc

6. New laws will soon be in place further tightening the laws on cold calling,,,so dont panic it will soon be over, however some broker houses are planning to move to countries where the laws are lapse....then they call you from there!!!!

Hope this helps and i apologise to all i have pestered in the past




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I just called BT and got put on a list that prevents sales people calling me. If they call me, they get a fine. I haven't had one call from a sales person since.
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