Wake-Up Call with Richard Martin


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This is a radio programme on PRN which gets archived as a series of podcasts.

Found him by chance, and he is strangely addictive, even if he sometimes sounds a bit like "Lord Haw-Haw meets cold-war era Radio Moscow".

He is British, married to an American, and resident in Singapore. He writes essentially about economics, and (quite rightly IMHO) has it in for Wall Street, The Fed, and the US government.

(Some of his mannerisms of speech remind me uncannily of Stewie Griffin in Family Guy :D )

Where I find him a little more worrying is as an apparent apologist for Putin and Russia (hence my Radio Moscow comment).

Nevertheless, he's still pretty interesting, even though I have to strongly diverge from his opinions on several things, while agreeing with a few others.

Take these two recent ones about Japan:



On Japan, frankly I prefer the cooler-headed and more constructive viewpoint of Richard Werner, whom I recommend everyone should read:



But nevertheless, Richard Martin is, like Private Eye, entertaining if you don't overdose.

This is the complete archive:


He's a gloomy old sod, and never gloomier than in this apocalyptic broadcast from 7th November:


Enjoy! (if that's the right word :innocent: )
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