Volume Spikes


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Does anyone know if there is a free website out there which alerts you of volume spikes in traded shares?


advfn has a top list function that has volume leaders but the output is limited to the top 30.

Not much help I'm afraid.

Have you considered getting a charting program/data source?
Thanks to you both. The sharepages site looks like what I was after. I have been considering buying a charting program but since I am still relatively new to TA and share trading in general I have made it a strict rule not to spend on anything unless I really have to. The 'small' monthly subs soon mount up.

Anybody else feel the same way?

Sorry but I had intended for this message to be on the UK Shares board.

fao mad dog

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you are right do not spend money you do not need to. You can get lots of free stuff of the net and many here will help you with your TA learning. You only have to ask. DO NOT SPEND money you don't need to.

1st rule of Trading is money management

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You might want to look up the top down approach that we spoke about in the boot camp section.