Volume Demographics Contingency Trades?


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Shopping a correction or confirmation to better understand open interest and volume:
Regarding volume during a given market:
Open interest = orders executed + (balance) open orders
Volume = orders executed

Shopping for thumbnail stats related to trading demographics specific to options market:

One thumbnail might be: most options expire worthless.

Percent total trades "to" trades intended to acquire protect or add value to held stake in the underlying?

Percent total trades where neither party owns equity (intent is to buy to open and sell to close [hopefully] at profit before expiration

Shopping stats related to market orders. Saw somewhere that "market orders" (may need a correction on definition: "market order" does not specify a bid/ask and is executed at market price when - so said - placed) may offer "soonest" conversion . Curious as to how many hands non-collocated orders might pass through before the party sees their settlement print?

Do market orders offer a more reliable expectation of being executed?

Do HFT sniffers "prowl" for "market orders"?

Regarding contingency orders:
Heard but never seen so may need correction or path adjustment: Contingency orders are trades executed based on market events unrelated to the current tick of the order's symbol. Example would be closing a position when VIX/VXO spikes a high-water mark.

Any links to providers (broker clients) that reliably service and execute contingency orders most appreciated.

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