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The VolatilityRatio is a powerful VertexFX client-side indicator based Volatility and trend reversal.

Volatility is a measure of fast market movements. When volatility increases the markets are moving fast and making big ranges. However, we cannot predict the direction of the market based on the volatility. The VolatilityRatio (VR) determines the direction and the end of the trend thus providing a valuable tool to traders.

When VR is above 1 it indicates a bullish trend, and similarly when VR is below 1 it indicates bearish trend. By waiting for the bullish and bearish trends to top out and bottom out respectively traders can exit at the earliest their LONG and SHORT positions respectively.

BUY / EXIT SHORT - Enter LONG (or exit SHORT) when the Volatility Ratio is RED and bottoms out. The stop-loss can be placed below the nearest Swing Low. Use short term EMA to ensure that current price is above the EMA.
SHORT / EXIT LONG - Enter SHORT (or exit LONG) when the Volatility Ratio is BLUE and tops out. The stop-loss can be placed above the nearest Swing High. Use short term EMA to ensure that current price is below the EMA.

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