Usefulness of Bloomberg?


Hi guys I'm new the community and I starting to paper trade. I'm just wondering how useful would bloomberg be for trading? I'm asking because I have access to a number of terminals that I can use for free at my university. Also what specific things that I could learn to do with bloomberg that could be helpful in my learning experience to trade?

Replies much appreciated
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Hi guys I'm new the community and I starting to paper trade.

That's pretty vague to get helpful advice.

What are you trading? Why? What do you know about your trading vehicle? What tools and services are required to trade that vehicle? What level of education and training do you need to be successful with your chosen vehicle?

These are good self-check questions to try to answer for yourself so that you can better formulate your specific questions. This will make any help you receive more focused and meaningful to your current level of knowledge and the vehicles you want to trade.
thanks for the questions, guess I jumped the gun on that one :eek: I guess I'll put in more research before I post some questions again.