UK equitie signals


Hello all i thought id start this thread to share some daily signals with you, id like to keep this thread relevant and would ask that you keep negative comments off this thread i dont mind critisism but keep it relevant please. please excuse my spelling it is bad at time's.

a little about myself i started trading about 4 years ago live after trading on a demo account for about 3 months i started with forex and still continue to day trade cable(GBP/USD) about 2 years ago i started looking at the uk equites markets and developed a stratergy from parts of others that i had prevoulsy used and seen i dont have the stats for this system as it does run profitably for me and im happy with the results.

each everning anywhere between 7pm-10pm uk time ill post my entries for the next trading day ill give the stock the entry price long or short and targets as well as stops if the trade needs updating then i will also note that in this thread( ie: moving a stop to breakeven) i use GFT for my spread betting and will quote gft price's (this is quite important to note as they may differ from other brokers) its up to you if you take this advice im not responable for any loss's remember that you should only risk money you can afford to lose.

i will start with a fictional £3000 pound and track the sucess in this thread based on the trades i post i risk 1-2% per trade and try to aim for a 2/1 rr

i am considering in about a month or two hosting a FREE Webinar to show my methods and try to help anyone else intrested how i go about my trading
sounds good
keep it coming...warts and all
entries and exits is what we need,with reasons why
hello there first signal

signal only for 4th oct 2010

Rank Group PLC

Long entry
entry price = 119.2
target = 124
stop = 117.2

(£3000 / 100 = £30) / (119.2 - 117.2) = £15 per point (required margin roughly £190)

potential loss £30 and potential gain £72 so this fits in with my risk/reward preferance's
reason for trade daily charts adx above 30 di+ greater than di- pulled back in trend for a few bars

lets see how this trade goes i will personally be at the screen at 8am ready to trade i dont put orders in the night before as wide spreads on the open can trigger prices at an undersirable level or the market may have gapped past entry
ok so first of all sorry for not posting this earlier

the trade was not triggered today prices just missed the entry and continued to fall threwout the day

there are no set ups for tomorow that fit the r/r ratio tht i like to keep so a quite day as far as equities are concerned for me there are a few set ups developing for wednesday though so could be a busy week