U.S. Markets, The Next Year.


I was watching Bloomberg yesterday and there was two people( forgot thier names) giving thier views on the makets for the next twelve months or so. The two were obviously seasoned pro's who have been in the game for quite some time and have access to information and all that, but youve probably guessed it by now, thier views were totally the opposite ( one was bullish the other bearish ). I was thinkinig how can this be?
Hi Peedee

The answer this they are expressing their views, but I can almost guarantee that they won't trade off these opinions, i.e. the one is bullish won't only be trading long next year.

Opinions are fine, but they don't make money :rolleyes:
the grand old duke of york

maybe the duke had the right idea he was niether up nor down -

unlike humpty dumpty! :LOL:
Peedee - that's what makes markets! Unless 2 people had differing views- nobody would ever trade!

Also, Bloomberg are going to go out of their way to look for people with widely differing views - makes for good viewing, and don't forget the past is no idicator of the future, so just because these two "experts" have access to reams of infomation doesn't mean they have any way of deriving the same answer ( where the market's going) After all, if that was possible, you'd be able to buy software that would get it right! And nobody sells that.... do they..!
Take your choice peedee,



i'll take the head & shoulders.......but i might need the wheel chair as well ;)