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just wondering if there are any traders out there who are still using the turtles-rules and if so what kind of markets do you trade??

very interested in the rules, read them a couple of times and getting more and more in to the rules
also i want to know if the rules are still accurate coz this was back in 1983 when this experiment becan,so it can be that it is out of date now a days
saw couple of websites regarding the turtles but never read anything from real traders who are still active in the markets

wanna be turtle


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i had a look at the turtles system a few years back, and ive got to say i didnt get on with it at all.for starters you need an account with a lot of capital.the turtles system can and does experience long periods of drawdown which would definately wipe out joe next door and his little pot.i personally dont beleive half of the rules work anymore,in fact i think i read bill eckhardt himself doesnt beleive the system is viable today and no longer uses it himself.russel sands is one of the more well known turtle traders still active and i spent 2004 watching russels personal trades and he was absolutely slaughtered all year and lost a hell of a lot of money,regaining some in the final quarter dow rally which was by far his most succesful trade.a rule i still use is the"always take a trade if there was a previous false breakout" that still stands up.its just my pennys worth but i would look elsewhere for something more reliable if i were you,hope it helps.