yes, it's not quite a separating line candle but is certainly a bullish reversal from the bollinger band support line.
Have to say that I would be a little concerned this may break through its 235-240ish support. SAR bearish, MA point down (10&20), OBV and MFI pointing south. Would wait for confirmation of a bounce off support first before getting in........

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Just taken another look at TSCO and noticed it's in a nice trading range. It reminds me of one of my old favorites EGS before the telecoms catastrophe.

I will be watching this closely in case there are some nice trades in the near future. Must say that from the accumulated swing index I have doubts about the level of support!
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it looks like one of the institutions has downgraded TSCO from a hold to a sell.

This may be the straw that breaks the camels back before that descending triangle fulfills its prophesy.

Think it was ABN Amro.

I closed last week @ 253.5, but kicking myself for not getting back in @ 242 this morning. A nice quick profit.
Mo, you are on a much shorter trading time than me and good luck in your trades.

however I still have tesco as potential short - the bollinger bands look to be widening.