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opps this is the code


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I copied the code and tried to veriy in Tradestation and recieved and error "Word not recognized by Easy Language", referring to "XPOINTS" in the code.
There needs to be either:

A statement in the code to say what XPOINTS refers to ie
XPOINTS = close - open;

or there needs to be a function called XPOINTS that has previously been verified.

XPOINTS is completely undifined in the source code so I'd imagine that whoever wrote it originally had a function called XPOINTS already programed on their machine. Normally if you write and then save a TS file it gives you the option to save aditional functions that are required to support the main code. In this case all we see is the source code for the trend following indicator and no code for XPOINTS hence it wont run.

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if it verifies as a code on your machine,
export the file with export wizard in power editor .. this should sort it ?
this is the best way of making shure its exaclty the same as on your own machine .

file. import export storage file (ELS )

load the indicator/function/paint bar ? from drop-down..... next .....browse in file name select a name to remember say zz this.
can now be transfered as an attachment and opened automatically in TS in power editor or attached on the t2win B.B. sometimes transferring pasted codes will not verify as they can have dll`s