Trend Direction Question for a newb, Please Help


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You guys are all suffering from selective attention biases , you fail to see Dark Tone posts.HE IS TOTALLY OFF TOPIC.
Nono, I was on topic with my reply to the OP, the rest was just a headsup for them as being new to the site, kinda like a janitor would write 'Dont use, full of sh1te' on a blocked cubicle door. :D


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Hey there old timer. Glad to see you making to the tail end of the party. Them legs ain't as fast as they used to be, huh ?
Nothing much that I can say about that! You've hit on the only real problem that I have. It came, originally, from back trouble and is called drop foot.

My answer to that is to wait until you lot have gone around the block, instead of chasing. You do--eventually. :D As the Americans say--What goes around, comes around.
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