Article Trampled Under Foot: Middle East Turmoil Adds to Market’s Woes

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What effect does conflict and war have on the stockmarket? In this article we look at past wars/conflicts and examine what the future might be with the current conflict in the Middle East.
Maybe I should stop taking my two-week Nantucket trip each summer. Last year during our stay we were glued to the news over the London terrorist bombing, and this year it was Hezbollah’s kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers, prompting the current fighting in the Middle East.
There’s a thought on Wall Street that investors should be
"buying when the cannons sound and selling when the trumpets sound."
When thinking about this view I harkened back to mid-March of 2003, when on the eve of the current Iraq war, Schwab’s Investment Strategy Council (which I chair) made our first post-bear market move into bullish territory, moving to an overweight on U.S. equities. We didn’t precisely nail the market’s bottom, but we were pretty darn close at seven days later.
So, as I sat on vacation mulling world...

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A clear look at the Mid East crisis from an economic angle


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Holidays, Death and Profitunity Lord # "and I say to myself what A wonderful World"

"Maybe I should stop taking my two-week Nantucket trip each summer."

"So, as I sat on vacation mulling world events I wondered whether the escalating violence in the Middle East may give the market an opportunity to bottom"

hmmm well when I "mull" over Ak 47's and such being discharged into a fellow humans face etc, it kind of saddens me some, dont know why..hmmm somehow im not drawn to markets bottoming etc.....

tell us what were your thoughts when those planes with little children on flew into buildings..... did you have a good trade that day ? 9 eleven i think its known as. I was contemplating what those kids must of been thinking in their last minutes.

dow pop south through 9600 as I recall hmmm hope you piled in not a good time to be a buyin as others were a dyin, no that was a sell...

cool though, death = money is the saying maybe, covers both a long and short perspective maybe..

cheers Louis, nice one.

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