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Do you know of any spread betting companies that allow you to use a trailing stop loss?

For example if i was long FTSE from 4000, and the current price was 4400, I would want to move my stop to 4200 to guarantee some profit from that trade. Finspreads & Capital Spreads online trading platforms don't let you do that.


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Also I move my stops on an EOD basis, only problem is, Capital Spreads dont allow you to change stops.limits out of hours.


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Correct me if wrong, but as I understand Fins stoploss mechanism (caveat: on-their-old-system)... it allows you to make another order which is the stop loss, which you can at later time amend as required to lockin profits and in this way MIMIC a "trailing stop" - so would be a half way house but can work if keep eye on price movements etc and bump up/down stop order. Believe you must have point/tic size >= 0.50p on entry of trade in question, for this option to be allowed. Oh yes, you've gotta specify stoploss type (normal or guaranteed). Also Fins states that these stoploss orders "...are only available on selected markets."
Better still, just ring up Fins
TradingDesk: 08000 96 96 25
Cust Services: 08000 96 96 20
or email [email protected]
and of course their Terms&Conditions sec.8 Stop Loss & Limit Orders.

Also TradIndex's new system has movable stoploss to lockin profits (ie, limit those inevitable losses! ;o)

Would be interesting to here results of your research on this thread...

adrian - are you saying that CS allows you to place another stoploss order and that you can (during work hrs) amend up/down to lockin profits?
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