Trading under pressure.

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I did say,"You must see if you are doing anything different - if you are, correct it. You should have kept a log anyway so you can identify what you are doing now and how it differs."
I hear what you say about others' opinions, but I have always gone my own way in life and done what works for me irrespective of anyone else. When I trade I do so in solitude, no chat rooms, no distractions, above all no opinions from anyone else.
I only trade my high probability methods so my hit rate is very high. This means it is very unusual for me to start a day's trading with two losses. When that does happen I walk away - for one day only. Why? Because it's either me or the market that's not behaving properly and I do not choose to trade if that situation obtains. Certainly the following day I always feel strong and rested and IN CONTROL because I have gone with the flow.
I have never had two losing days in a row so the situation doesn't arise. No, I know that sounds unlikely and I don't give a damn if I get flamed for saying that. I am simply answering your question and being factual.
I'll tell you something else you might find unusual or unlikely: if I have a headache or flu whatever, I still trade - and succeed - why? Probably because I'm in a different world when I trade and I forget my own silly problems - oh yes, and I LIKE surmounting obstacles and difficulties.
Salty, it is good to see you on the same road ;-)

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cut back to minimum size and dont stop trading until you figure out whats going wrong and then make it right - take a break if you want when you get back to being profitiable at the orginal size - all that is happening is that you are been given a chance to learn - dont lose it!


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I agree with many of the others.Take a break .

I also cut down on size ,which is also what was mentioned above.


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Full time trading is a job like any other and like all jobs you need to get out of the office and have a break once in a while. The hours can suck and staring at screen intensively for hours on end can mess with your head.
Everones different and some can't bear to be away from the screen but most long termers suggest keeping records, taking holidays and walking away or reducing risk when things go wrong.
When you meet your targets for the day, pat yourself on the back, turn off your monitor, go for a swim/cycle/anything but get out of the house/office.

6mths of sucess suggest you've got an edge but confidence is key as well as a fresh head.

Take a short break, evaluate, move on.
go on... it.

Salty Gibbon

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6mths of sucess suggest you've got an edge but confidence is key as well as a fresh head.


CONFIDENCE and PATIENCE are 2 key attributes which are required in bucketloads.
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