trading psychology is similiar to hunting girls


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in my experience, trading is just like stating to speak with a stranger girl :

you should prepare yourself to hear answer "no" and you should prepare yourself to be rejected by them .when i make a proposal for dating maybe 8 out of 10 girls may tell me " no" and only 2 out of ten may say "yes" . same as trading :eek:nly 30% to 40 % of my trades are profitable and 60 % is not.

when ever i hear "no" i am not upset, cuz i tried my chance and broke the ice , at the other hand i did not pay a big cost for hearing no .same as trading when my trade is going against me i just loose 1 % of my equity .but whenever i hear "yes" i know what does it mean :cheesy:
in this way my oveall income will be much more than my lossess .and in comparison to dating you will have "always" a few hot chicks without worry of
divorce expenses and loosing your home and etc.
what did u pay for that ? you undergo a several and maybe continuos "no" answers .these "no" answers must be risk controlled .

you should have plan to exit on time. both when you are in profit and when you are wrong .same as dating:

remember : a real man knows when to pull out ! (of course i mean pull out of trade ;)

the mental ability of cut losses short and lets profits run and accepting "no" answer in a row is key to success both in trading and dating !
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what a coincidence ! i did not know him until i searched his name , he sees everything in women .:)
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