Trading Platforms crashing


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Is it just me, or does the trading platforms for SBing seem to crash just at the wrong moment. :(

Having a really bad day on friday, but there was light at the end of the tunnel. An hour from the close of the nasdaq 100 and I was actually heading towards a profit. I waited patiently, holding my nerve - all I wanted was 2 pts and then I would be done for the day. Then it happened, my target was reached. Not being greedy I hit the sell button - then again - then again. Nothing

I had to close it all down - delete the temp internet files again - when I logged back in it was down 4pts - I held on before closing at a 10pt loss. Lucky I didnt wait as it went a further 10 points down. The platform never crashes when its going against me.


I know it's not much help now, but here is what I do.

I ALWAYS phone the SB before trading, but put down the phone before they answer. Then if there are any problems - which there often are - I press Redial on the phone IMMEDIATELY and get the problem sorted. This only works when there isn't a major crisis or heavy trading, as they probably won't answer the phone anyway.

I suggest anyone who doesn't like to hear critiscism of SB's, either hasn't dealt with them or been very lucky indeed.

If their brokers pulled the tricks SBs do, this forum would have threads 20 pages long!


Good luck


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Adrian – Don’t forget that just as you want to close/cover your position at that critical moment on that ‘bad day’, so do potentially hundreds/thousands of others who have been waiting for that moment as well!

And of course, it is just at that moment when the SB’s system reaches overload and is very slow or your connection crashes………!

As Darrren rightly says, it is prudent to have a backup telephone to hand so at least you can attempt to get through to them by other means.

SB’s make a ‘killing’ when the market suddenly slides or spikes, and it undoubtedly maximises their profits to be slightly ‘incommunicado’ at such times.

If it’s any consolation, I had a bad day on Friday as well…… :(

Regards, TradeSmart


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Stupidly when things weren't going so well, i should have just stopped, instead by trying to recover it just got worse. Luckily I had well placed stops. If I hadn't I would have lost twice as much.
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