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I am relatively new to trading and have only used the Trading 212 platform. I have noticed that there candle stick charts don't match with the candlesticks on TradingView which I use for charting. Is it normal for each site to have different candlesticks? Do these platforms not get the same information from the exchanges or why would this be different? Hard to take information based on the candles if it doesn't actually represent the buying and selling. Apologies for the newbie question but thought I might get a decent response from more experienced traders. Thank you.


Hello Seb, appreciate the response, thank you.
Can you take a look at the attached example for me. I had a CFD position opened in Block (previously Square) @173. I had moved my stop (red line) up closer to my buy in and planned to let it go into tomorrow (looks like a bad idea now!!!). My position was closed on open this morning @168.98, well below my stop.
As you can see below in the Trading View screen there was no such drop shown at open.
Compare that to the Trading 212 Chart which had a large drop at open. I expect a difference with it being a CFD and having to show bigger spread in Pre-market but does this seem extreme or off to you? Should there be this much discrepancy between the two.
I'm sure I've made mistakes here, I am just trying to learn so I can prevent the same from happening in future.
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