Trading Platform advice on Volume Stops


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Hi Guys,

Im looking for some cheaper DOM based Trading platform which allow you to place volume stop like that present in TT.

Please recommend of you have used any under $200 pm trading platform which offers volume stops.



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Since no one responded and i evaluated couple of systems i m listing DOM Platforms with their usability and usefulness and price.

1. NinjaTrader – You have to create an ATM for this and then enter the volume there. I like ninja but its limitation of displaying 5 level of depth is what I don’t like especially I don’t see it coming in near future since they display the level 2 data in Level 2 window but not in DOM might be related to their DOM can’t support pr they don’t have the license or its costing more to add this feature. 5 level DOM is a limitation for those who wans to look more at ladder and less at charts.
a. Drawback – 5 Level DOM on all contracts.

2. CQG Trader – If you don’t go for CGQ IC which is $595pm the standalone CQG Trader depends upon broker but it adds .1 p erside on each trade and its has limit of how many window you can open I think its < 5.
Darwback – Limit of 5 open DOMs for CQG Trader

CTS T4 Using this one. Doesn't have Volume Stop but its a powerful Trading DOM

Orders reside on Server. DOM is much powerful orders easy to use and stable. No data feed cost. Packs charts and can open any no of DOM's.
it packs Market Profile charts with its package for < $200 PM - Includes first 400 transactions
For DOM with charting its <95 pm –
Includes first 190 transactions and $25 until 1st Jan 2014!
it displays 10 level of depth each side on EUREX.

a. Drawback No volume stop. $.5Transaction fee per side.
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