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is their website? still calling in to make trades? and why was IB a poor experience for you?
I trade serious sums of money and IB's platform is not reliable and their ideas about margin are questionable- just bear that in mind. I know UK citizens have been blocked from the US platforms as you have to provide a US address-so they can hound people for tax. I have to sign W-8s from time to time. ADM- you need £100k to open an account- IB about £5k. Just looked at IG for options and they still do index and commodity options. Spreads are terrible of course
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please tell us what experience you had with IB regarding margin. l been liquidated several times :(
l sell mainly option spreads, ~30∆,
what are the main strategies you use?


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IB not bad as a broker in terms of asset coverage. For options on futures Dorman is good as well.
TOS is much better than TWS. But also our software Quantower provides an option module for trading different strategies with its analysis.




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Hello folks. I am a newbie that wants to start options trading.

I read a book about options. I have a couple thousand dollars to start trading with. I am in-between jobs right now. One brokerage that I did apply for an options account with did not approve me for an options account due to not having a steady job!

What brokerages will grant me an account for options trading online?


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thinkorswim is the way to go, it's easy to use, highly effective, and there's no shortage of free training on YouTube.


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IB, Saxo, thinkorswim.
Any other reputable Options platforms?

When trading US equity-options, eg, MSFT, or TSLA, do you have to be bound by US laws, or are we covered by UK law? (ring-fenced accounts, taxes, etc)


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Any broker who trades equity options in the UK? Not just CFDs and SB.
If not UK based brokers, where can UK based traders, trade options? That too, reputable with decently priced spreads etc.?
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Flexible position management in Option Analytics

Position and strategy management in the Option Analytics panel has become more flexible, thanks to a quick selection of strikes, a reversal button of a single strike or a strategy, and increased volume. In addition, when adding several different strategies, you can quickly include or exclude the entire strategy or a single strike from the profile analysis mode.

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