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Sometimes the best market opportunities are the ones you least expected. Trading is a business that requires complete objectivity and the ability to change ones bias in the blink of an eye. In this lesson Bo Yoder describes just such a scenario that appeared recently in the stock of IBM. (NYSE:IBM).
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I would've rated it with a 10, but...

The numbers in the article don't exactly match the provided spreadsheet, but overall this article learned me some valuable lessons and therefore I am very grateful.


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overall a good piece of writing

this is a useful intro to people discussing general Trading principles and Probablilities but I would urge people to build on this and read extensively as almost every point made here can be refuted if someone wishes

for example

The setting of a Target goal for each sucessful trade is heresy for true trend followers

Trading outcomes are nothing like rolling a dice - (unfixed) Dice have a discrete variable/outcome (unlike a trade signal)

Backtesting is more of a poison than a cure in my opinion, although the piece does empasise the dangers

but overall - yes if more traders played the game using probability and stopped using their gut feel so much more money would be made by them in the long term

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