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T2W traders,

I have summarized some of my comments and observations on trading the Eurostyle binary options from the Home Trader/ Home-Based Trading Career Pathway & Journey thread (combined posts #70, #71).

I thought if any T2W trader is interested in Eurostyle At-The-Money (ATM) binary trading, it is much easier to organize and post it here. So - again - here is a summary of my journey w Eurostyle binary trading thus far:

The Eurostyle binaries are much easier to trade and apply compared to the Nadex binary options on a relative basis. These options are all At-The-Money (ATM) at the time of entry. There is no need to calculate expected volatility movement in the expiry period to see if and OTM strike price is going to become ITM. (y)

There are Turbo expiries as low as 30-secs, 60-secs, 2 mins, and 5 mins. These Turbo binaries have the big disadvantage of payouts of about 70%. Win $0.70 per Risk of $1.00. Because of this low payout, it is essential to have a winning accuracy of > 60%. (n) :whistling

Euro binaries also have expiries at 15mins, 30mins, (60 mins also). These have better payouts - up to 80% to 85% to 95% for the most liquid assets like EURUSD in the most liquid trading period (like during overlap of London & NY sessions).

Still - with Euro binaries - due to its lower than 100% payout and short-term expiry - there is effectively little chance to hedge or lock up profits. Hence trading Euro binaries require a trading system that is highly focused on explosive directional momentum trades that carry thru the expiry time period. :idea:

The primary advantage of Eurostyle binaries is the ease to enter into short-term opportunities in the 5min to 30min time frames. If there is a strong primary 5-min price trend/momentum bullish run, for example, then it is easy to just execute Eurostyle binary call options every 5 minutes (and matched with 5-min expiry) all the way up the price trend/momentum. Intermittent losing trades can easily be made back on the next 5-min expiry as long as the 5-min price trend/momentum remains powerfully in motion.

More to follow soon...



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Eurostyle Binary Options firms & Bonus Deposits

T2W traders,

In this post, I will briefly highlight the risks of trading professionally in an unregulated marketplace as per the Eurostyle binary options marketplace.

Most binary firms are NOT regulated by any regulatory authority. Even if regulated by CySec for example (24 Options, StockPair?), it does not mean much to me - as it is unclear that the funds are segregated and deposited funds are NOT used by brokerage firm for leverage or their own trading (contrast this vs Nadex which is regulated, holds funds segregated, and not allowed to use client funds for leverage or its own trades). (n) :eek:

So - open only small account deposits - grow profits, withdraw initial deposits. Then can be more aggressive. And - keep testing the binary firms customer service team frequently. I Skype and email at least weekly - plus withdraw every 2 weeks (more below).

I strongly recommend = DO NOT ACCEPT BONUS DEPOSITS for binary trading accounts! These deposits require excessive trading turnover - and effectively will lock up your deposits indefinitely! Most Bonus Deposit accounts have some requirement like 30x capital turnover - be sure to get precise details and understanding BEFORE accepting any BONUS DEPOSITS. :eek: :sneaky:

IF - and WHEN - you have Closed Profits - AND you have already withdrawn more than your initial $$$ deposits, then you can consider opening additional accounts with Closed Profits. These new accounts funded by Closed Profits can be assigned to receive BONUS deposits - and then plan on trading heavily in these BONUS accounts to free up your capital asap. :idea:

I conduct "Closed Profit Sweeps" every 2-4 weeks. It is a way to "train" these firms and brokers to expect executing payouts to me directly every 2-4 weeks w/o their excuses, delays, etc. Try to implement system-wide procedures for trade execution, profit withdrawals, etc. Train your brokerage firms!

FYI - I use Boss Capital and GOptions for my personal Eurostyle trading. THIS IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT. I am NOT an affiliate marketing agent for these firms.

After many reviews and trading over weeks, these two firms have very strong customer service help and very good withdrawal procedures AND withdrawal payouts. I especially like the Boss Capital trading platform for the Call/Put binaries and also for the Turbo binaries.

That's a brief wrap-up for Eurostyle binary options firms. Avoid Bonus deposits. Cannot emphasize enough times = "condition and train" your brokerage firm to meet up to your Profit withdrawal Standards and schedules. Test the brokerage firms regularly every 2-4 weeks! :idea:

Hope this helps some.




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Binary Options books/resources

T2W traders,

Apologies for the repeat here - but it is a new organized thread for binary trading so I thought it best to include once again a couple of the educational trading books I've read in detail - try to make it brief:

1. "Unleash the Power of Binary Options" - I think free right now if you visit their website and opt-in via email ( Well-written but very wordy and long e-book. Offers some basic technical analysis on divergent patterns, Fibos, trading setups. They organize 3 counter-trend setups. Plus some
7 trend-following setups. There are several "Flow Diagrams" to systematize their trading procedures. Summary = recommended reading, but choose only 1-2 Flow Diagrams and become Expert at these 1-2 procedures. (y)

2. "Inside the Black Box: Trend Continuation" - ePDF manual by SR&P trading group ([email protected]). Price? Short ePDF trading manual - detailed breakdown of all phases and procedures of exploiting high momentum setups. Remember, momentum is a CRUCIAL variable for successful binary trading! (y)

3. "Daytrading Income: FX Binary Options" - ePDF manual by SR&P trading group ([email protected]). Price? Short ePDF trading manual - details precisely how to select (and how to match) the correct binary expiry vs the expected duration of high-momentum/trend swing legs. Also detailed procedures to establish profit-oriented binary laddering campaigns. Includes bet schedules. (y)

(a) Note on SRP ePDFs = my experience with these ePDFs: very short ePDFs designed for experienced traders. They focus on teaching thru few examples but breaking down every step of the process. Many T2W readers may want more "meat" - but these ePDFs were written as Trading Plans for experienced traders (fortunately and unfortunately!).

(b) Note on (1) thru (3): I am NOT AFFILIATED with Binary Options Experts or SRP. I am not compensated by either one. However, I believe their products are worthy to add to any professional trader's library of good trading books. :smart:

Any questions? Ideas? :cool:

Thank you.



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Do you recommend anybody's video tutorials on plain vanilla options trading?
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Beware of all binary merchants - except maybe IG and Nadex exchange - .


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Great info you are presenting here. It's like another language to me compared to forex so I have a lot to learn. will look at your suggested reading. Do you recommend anybody doing video tutorials?

Hi, Porkpie,

Well, there are numerous YouTube binary options videos. Most are for action-hungry gamblers where the videos highlight and recommend the use of the so-called 5-digit Martingale strategy to find the trend(s) and momentum. (n)

Since most binary options have payouts in the 80%-85% area (for > 15min options) for the major liquid pairs, it is possible to use a Martingale or some form of progression. BUT - DANGER/ALERT here! :!:

Also, many videos indicate again waiting for a setup - like close outside Bollinger Bands and overbought/oversold on Stoch or RSI - and then entry against that closing bar. Dangerous in my opinion b/c that trader would be going against strongly trending price action. Plus - even if it turned out a winner - have to wait a long while for a new setup against the Bollinger Bands again.

Couple of interesting YouTube videos:


This video is rather long at 1 hr 24 mins - but presenter does a relatively good job of describing the methodology, indicators used, price action setups/triggers. It is one of these videos that goes against overbought/oversold setups - one trade then done.


These two videos (b), (c), are focused on using M15 or M30 bar charts and binary expiry of 15- or 30-mins. The presenter has his own set of indicators on MT4 - I am not certain as to the formulas of his indicators but he provides info on where you can go to download his formulas.

I trade similarly to (b), (c), but use more traditional indicators like MACD, MAs, etc. Again - key is to focus and isolate higher time-frame setups, and then go to lower time-frames into momentum bursts. I also will take several bars consecutively and go for at least 5 net wins per momentum burst in the lower time-frames.

Porkpie - I think your first "skill" to play in the binary options trading game is to really get down to business learning to use multiple time frame analysis. Whether you use 2, or 3, or more time frames - the critical skill to learn is to identify:

(1) The possible start of a new "trend" on a higher time frame. :whistling

(2) Then go to a lower time frame - and look for "evidence" that a "momentum" burst is just beginning to develop.

(3) Then get on board on that lower time frame (or even lower yet) ONLY when there is momentum in the trend direction of the higher time frame. :idea:

Apologies - explanations (2), (3) are a bit "wordy" and non-descript. :confused: But these items must be developed as a skill-set to have binary options trading success.

I hope to post more binary trading examples (on both this Eurostyle binary thread and also on the Nadex binary thread).

Good luck - at least I hope u find the videos above somewhat useful to generate ideas which can best fit your time frame biases and growing skill set! Feel free to PM or email me if you have any questions or observations - I have lots of closed trade setups which may help you in your review of developing and refining your trading ideas! (y)




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Beware of all binary merchants - except maybe IG and Nadex exchange - .

Hi, T2W traders & Tar,

I agree strongly w Tar's comments - beware and realize that even so-called "due diligence" on Eurostyle binary trading firms may not yield any significant gains to managing against fraud and/or business risk from the binary trading firm(s)! :!: :whistling

Again - IF you elect to RISK your hard-earned $$$ in the binary trading game - I'd like to suggest the following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for you to evaluate and consider implementing to protect yourself as best as possible:

(1) For US residents - trade on Nadex platform and assets. Longer expiry times (2 hrs, daily, wkly) - but the trading can still be adjusted down to using M30 or H1 chart setups and time frame analysis. For non-US residents - consider IG - also a regulated binary trading firm. Note - I have zero experience w IG - I only present it as a possible choice for non-US residents from reviews I've read on the internet.

(2) To trade short-term binary options - need to use Eurostyle binary options. And here is where there is significant fraud and business operations risk that is beyond our control really. We can only choose and select those with good reviews and platforms and highest % winning payouts. But understand - there is still a large RISK of default, or fraud, or inability to withdraw or communicate with necessary persons. And - there is most likely little/zero legal recourse for individual traders! :!: :mad: (n)

IF - you elect to play the Eurostyle shorter-term binary game, see if these SOPs may be of benefit for you:

(3) Do NOT accept Bonus deposits for your first binary trading experience! :!: It will tie up your trading capital indefinitely - which is exactly what the firms want to do since their existence/profitability is from your losses (and that of other retail traders' losses). :sneaky:

(4) Make minimal deposits - at least enough to have 20-30 "bets" of bankroll to really test your skill-set to pick up on "momentum bursts". For example if planning to trade $10 bets - consider deposit of $200-$300. No more than that! :smart:

(5) Do NOT add any more $$$ into this first binary account - either succeed w profits from there - or it will go to zero $$$. Let your results indicate to you where you need to focus on your skills in this binary game.

(6) If profitable - try to withdraw initial $$$ deposit - so now you are "risk free" with regards to your Cost Basis.

(7) If consistently profitable - initiate a scheduled Closed Profit Withdrawal schedule and train your brokerage firm to expect regular withdrawals from your account(s). Good training = reduce broker from making excuses, delays, or try to talk you out of doing withdrawals! :smart:

All that being said - I do have personal trading experience with a couple of Eurostyle binary firms. I am NOT endorsing it directly nor am I compensated by these firms. But I just wanted to share with the T2W traders my experiences so far:

(8) GOptions & Boss Capital = both good trading platforms, and the ATM pricing of the binary options appear fair (at about 1/2 of the bid/ask spread of the pair). Both w/o problems on withdrawals so far (but things can and do change)! Both also have good cust svc support thus far. SOP note - I make frequent contact and "tests" on these firms - to train their teams to expect my "problems" and concerns and questions.

In closing - PLEASE - if you decide to play in this binary trading game, strongly consider implementing (3) thru (8) above (not necessarily w GOptions or Boss, but test frequently your firms)! :!: :smart:

There are definitely profits to be made in this binary game - especially once you become a skilled "momentum burst" specialist! (y)

So consider going for it - try for something reasonable like profits of $25 - $50 per day at first, then scale up later. Be excited, be expectant for your skills to develop stronger and profits to come in. But do not neglect the SOPs!

Best regards,



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T2W traders,

Just closed out trading binaries on London session - need short break before NY session.

Took Eurostyle bearish momentum burst campaign on EURUSD with T1=M30 and Entry chart on T2=M5.

See attached chart #1. Easily hit Net (+5u) for this momentum burst campaign. :clap:

However - there were several strong candidates including the USDCHF and USDJPY on M30 charts - see attached charts #2, #3. (y)

So there it is - almost every day - there are extremely "trade-able" binary setups if you only focus on the best momentum burst patterns (whichever indicators you prefer to use).

Time for a break. May trade first 3 hrs NY session if see new setups. Thanks!



  • EURUSD - T1 M30 - Bearish Burst Alert - Easily Hit Net (+5u) on M5 charts.png
    EURUSD - T1 M30 - Bearish Burst Alert - Easily Hit Net (+5u) on M5 charts.png
    31.3 KB · Views: 4,932
  • USDCHF - T1 M30 - Bullish Burst Alert - Easily Hit Net (+5u) on M5 charts.png
    USDCHF - T1 M30 - Bullish Burst Alert - Easily Hit Net (+5u) on M5 charts.png
    34.1 KB · Views: 4,083
  • USDJPY - T1 M30 - Bullish Burst Alert - Easily Hit Net (+5u) on M5 charts.png
    USDJPY - T1 M30 - Bullish Burst Alert - Easily Hit Net (+5u) on M5 charts.png
    35.9 KB · Views: 1,867


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Binary Options trading signals & services

Hi, T2W traders (also posted in Nadex binary thread),

Back at it in the NY session for now. While awaiting for new setups, I'd like to take a moment to answer a couple of the EMs/PMs I received on questions about binary options trading signals/services.

A good source is to Google the different reviews on binary options signals and services. Below is a link to one of many reviews for binary options.

Please take the time to read and review the above link at your convenience to get a better idea of the different binary options signal services available. :smart:

The important factors to consider (at least in the way I practice my trading profession) include:

(1) Realistically, how much time daily will you set aside to focus and operate as a binary options trader? Which sessions (Tokyo, London, NY)?

In my opinion, if you are trading M1 and M5 bars - then you really only need to "sit and focus" for a very short while like 1-2 hrs per day.

There are chatroom trading services that cater to trade M1 and M5 time frames. These are filled with high energy, often loud, numerous M1/M5 charts. The moderators tend to jump around frequently from chart to chart - they have to b/c of the very short term trading periodicity. "Franco's" chat trading room at Binary Options Trading Signals is one example.

Disclosure: I am NOT a fan of such chatrooms - just too chaotic and noisy for me. It is not my trading style. But others love that energy. So you must again find the proper chatroom signal service to fit your personality and trading style (just like finding a fit to trade the binary expiry to the correct time frames).

(2) Auto-bots, Auto-binary signals, etc. In general, again I am NOT in support of using auto-bots, etc. In my opinion, these generate way too many signals - the signal vs noise ratio is too weak. Volatility patterns, liquidity, momentum, all change during different sessions and days.

I have heard numerous horror stories of how auto-bot trading generated a short time of profitability - and then gets hit with massive equity bankroll drawdowns! Esp when volatility and momentum patterns change on a longer-term basis. Then the binary trading accounts get wiped out - many times the retail trader is not even aware/around when this is happening. :eek:

Auto-bots tend to generate bad trading habits - most importantly - the retail trader is most likely to "expect", "anticipate", winning returns - but without accepting any real degree of responsibility and respond-ability during adverse drawdown periods! (n)

High Frequency Trading firms trading on automated signals are a different class from binary/fx auto-bot trading! These HFT firms have professional traders and risk managers that monitor, adjust, and are truly responsible for the bottom-line $$$ results! :whistling

(3) There are also non-chatroom trading services usually operate on the basis of sending out trade recommendations via emails and/or SMS. Prices vary but usually between about $100 - $200 per mo (higher prices for much more intensive services for professional-level traders especially on hedge fund/bank trading desks).

(4) Then there are the hybrid binary options trading services that have both a chatroom and also email/SMS alerts transmitted to its clients. The hybrid services are almost always NOT trading M1, M5 charts. The "fastest" I have seen in the past are alerts for M15 setups. These usually have higher monthly fees between $250-$600 per month.

They are termed "hybrid" services b/c they provide heads-up alerts via emails/SMS before the setup becomes traded. Then its clients can quickly enter the chatroom(s) and link up with the professional trader/moderator. They share charts, discuss only that setup that is happening in front of their eyes. This way clients do not have to "jump around" with the moderator(s) to find trades - they are called to the chatroom because there is a specific trading campaign about to start. These hybrid services are divided on the basis of the 3 major trading sessions (Tokyo, London, NY) - and usually trade aggressively. As anticipated, hybrid binary options trading services are more expensive - more detailed and focused for the pro-level trader, minimal noise, minimal conversations not assoc'd with the trading at hand, etc. These hybrid sessions tend to be more strict and run more like trading desks/teams.

One rare advantage with the higher-priced hybrid pro-level subscription services: you have full access to their system developers, risk managers. They will almost always give you all their indicators and help setup your monitors accordingly to best fit their hybrid services.

Disclosure: I am NOT affiliated nor compensated in any manner by any of the above binary options trading services.

I do use a couple of live services mostly for trading alerts and setups esp for my trading on the listed weekly options from the CBOE.

For my Nadex and Eurostyle binary trading - I do use a service to help get me trading alerts that I have found to fit my trading style.

Disclosure: I spend about $600 per month on subscriptions to alert services. However, my smallest bet size is $500 - so the net effective % cost for these alert subscription fees are a tiny % of my expenses. I also spend $$$ on 2 professional-level datafeeds for stocks, forex, options feeds.

In summary - the pros vs cons - of using any alert subscription service(s) is highly debatable and highly dependent on that trader's time frames and trading style.

Much of it is a discovery approach - the trader will enroll in a free trial basis - find out if it matches the trading style, the time frames, the Reward/Risk profile, the desired # trades per wk or per month, etc.

Be careful w trading services - unless your trading Standards are sufficiently high - most will turn out to be $$$ wasted and/or unnecessary and/or unprofitable "expense items".

Most important = you must accept responsibility and respond-ability = for the final $$$ results. You cannot really blame any of these services even as a paying client. The ultimate act of taking a bet, accepting risk, and managing open positions - all ultimately fall on your shoulders! (y) This aspect of professional trading cannot be shifted elsewhere but to yourself! :smart: :idea:

If you should decide to seriously investigate and try out a binary options trading service/signal - please share your findings with the T2W traders here. Also feel free to ask me via PM or email if you have more detailed questions about this topic.

Good luck & best regards,



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example USDJPY M30/M5 momentum burst bullish

T2W traders,

Ongoing M5 trading campaign from M30 momentum burst alert on USDJPY during current NY session.

So far - up Net (+2u) - but Target = Net (+5u).

Will follow up more later...



  • USDJPY - M30 T1 at NY session - bullish momentum burst alert triggered.png
    USDJPY - M30 T1 at NY session - bullish momentum burst alert triggered.png
    27.7 KB · Views: 2,209
  • USDJPY - M5 Entry Chart - Bullish momentum burst campaign.png
    USDJPY - M5 Entry Chart - Bullish momentum burst campaign.png
    32.6 KB · Views: 1,386


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T2W traders,

More f/u from NY session USDJPY M5 bullish burst campaign:

Hit Net (+3u) - trading campaign halted - wait for reset at M5 chart...




  • USDJPY - M5 Entry Chart - Bullish momentum burst campaign - hit Net (+3u).png
    USDJPY - M5 Entry Chart - Bullish momentum burst campaign - hit Net (+3u).png
    27.5 KB · Views: 954


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T2W traders,

Next f/u = NY session w M5 on USDPJY...

Had M5 reset filter triggered - then continued w bullish burst momentum campaign as M30 criteria still indicating "go burst" for now...

Hit Net (+4u) now...



  • USDJPY - M5 Entry Chart - Bullish momentum burst campaign - hit Net (+4u).png
    USDJPY - M5 Entry Chart - Bullish momentum burst campaign - hit Net (+4u).png
    31 KB · Views: 341


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USDJPY - Net (+5u) achieved - You can do it also!

T2W traders,

Done w NY session now using USDJPY on M30 "momentum burst" campaign.

Closed out M30 "bullish burst momentum" campaign = Net (+5u) (y) :clap: (see attached chart #1 of M5)

Net sequence of Results: W1-L1-W2-L1-L2-W3-L1-W4-W5 = Net (+5u). (y) (see attached chart #2 of M30)

You can do it also! You just have to try, put in time, effort, focus! (y)

Binary Options are great trading assets. Just learn to isolate momentum and match expiry to time frame that is appropriate! :idea: :smart:

Time to take lunch break - then stop trade for day. Resume later tonite at Tokyo opening session.




  • USDJPY - M5 Entry Chart - Bullish momentum burst campaign - hit Net (+5u).png
    USDJPY - M5 Entry Chart - Bullish momentum burst campaign - hit Net (+5u).png
    30.8 KB · Views: 354
  • USDJPY - M30 T1 at NY session - Burst Campaign Closed - Net (+5u).png
    USDJPY - M30 T1 at NY session - Burst Campaign Closed - Net (+5u).png
    27.4 KB · Views: 1,025


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Hi, T2W traders,

Back in the trading room now - just watching the Tokyo session early hours. It is 2030p ET here.

Rec'd Bullish Burst Triggered Alert on USDCAD on M30 as T1 (see attached #1). :cool:

Will post if more development on this setup occurs on M5.

Other possible setups (not attached yet b/c not Triggered Alerts) can include the AUDUSD and USDJPY on M30s.




  • USDCAD - T1 M30 - Bullish Burst - Tokyo Session.png
    USDCAD - T1 M30 - Bullish Burst - Tokyo Session.png
    25.9 KB · Views: 307
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