Trader's Questionnaire


Hi everyone,

Apart from the new software/data feed section of the website to look forward to, I'm also making preparations for a new trader profile section.

Now the reason for this thread, is for suggestions as to questions we can ask in the questionnaire. I've quickly jotted down a few ideas myself and would appreciate any input. Thanks.

To start off a bit of Personal Info:

Nickname (handle):

Then a bit of Background Info:

Years trading?
Previous Occupation?
Why did you decide to start trading for a living?

Then lots of questions:

How easy is it to earn a living from trading?
What's been your biggest success and why?
What's been your biggest failure and why?
How would you define your trading style?
How frequently do you trade?
What software do you use?
Which broker/s?
What stocks/markets do you trade and why?
How many hours do you trade a day?
What are you favourite TA indicators/methods?
Do you make a profit and if so how much?
Which trading books would you recommend?
What the best advice you could offer a new trader?
Do you think it's possible to trade successfully part-time, for example the US close, if you're also holding down a full time job?
How can Trade2Win help you become a better trader?
With the benefit of hindsight, if you we're starting over again as a new trader, what would you do differently?

That's all I can think of for now..

How big an account size would you regard as viable to earn a living - say, for £25k p.a. as a pro-rata starting place

What proportion of your overall holdings do you trade - i.e. what proportion would you treat as a long term investment and what proportion do you treat as trading capital.