Trade Types And Sets Auction

Oct 22, 2008
Hi to all,

I'm a newbie and am trying to learn to trade in this turbulent time!!

Can anyone help me with an explaination of the stock market trading type UT and an explaination of SETS Auctions (what they are and maybe how they have an effect on trading)

I'm interested because I have been following AMEC shares today and watched the price dip at the end of the day. I was about to buy but got bounced off and then when I logged back on the market was closed and a few seconds later a UT buy came in which I'm sure is going to affect the price tommorrow. I attach a screen shot of the deal.


As you can see (if I managed to attach file correctly!!) the size of the UT was huge compared to the rest of the trades and am thinking this will have a big aafect tomorrow morning.

thanks in advance



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Oct 15, 2007
At 750 and 1630 there is an auction, the UT trade is auctioned at the price where the LSE computer calculates that the most stock can be executed, if you've noticed a price drop during late afternoon and then seen volume go through in the auction then maybe someone had a large sale order to complete and tried to do it in the auction.

So.....the stock may be oversold as the large sale is finished

OR... maybe the large order wasn't completed and it will carry on tomorrow.

sorry can't be more help