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I'm wondering if anyone would like to compare trade ideas and any trades which they have taken. It doesn't matter if they have been successful or not. I would just like to get another perspective on the trades I have taken or have considered.
For example, this week I have a positions on USDCHF. I would be interested in other peoples thoughts on this pair, any trades they have taken, potential trades they are considering and their logic behind it. If they didn't work out, then I would be interested in why you think it didn't. I'm not interested in lot sizes etc, just the logic behind the position.
For each trade I place, I screenshot the weekly, daily and 4hr and log down the reasons behind the trades. If anyone would like to compare I actively trade the following pairs (average holding time is 2 - 4 days)

I'm not looking for someone to say they don't agree with my style of trading or approach. I'm looking to see someone else's take on the pairs. I'm all about the learning!

I've attached my screenshot of the USDCHF L Idea if anyone else has taken a position on this pair (either way) and fancied sharing thoughts, drop a comment in.


Price is low in the range on the HTF and has recently rejected a support level which suggests price to move higher. The idea is primarily based on the 4hr price action. Price has created a small level of support over the past 3 days. This will hold liquidity to allow price to move higher. There is a gap sitting below this as well as a previous 4hr OB. Look for price to take out the gap (0.9460). Target is the previous broken support marked on the daily chart (0.9590) however there is the potential to move higher to the 0.9750 level which is the consolidation level on the daily or even the 1.000 level with is the next resistance level on the HTF

Entry: <0.9460 - wait for 15min breakdown.
SL: Market Structure
TP: 0.9750

Actual Entry: 0.9450 (SL 0.9435)
Still running.



  • 28-06-2020 USDCHF L Idea.png
    28-06-2020 USDCHF L Idea.png
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