Toyz for the Boyz


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Every man (real man) likes everything that rides, floats, flies... mainly it has to have a motor. They also like everything that shoots, blows up, etc. All of these are toys for grown up men.
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Oh... I don’t know, you have quite expensive toys... I would be the very happy if I had a PS4 and a couple of dozen games to it, but unfortunately I cannot cough up money for a toy like this= (


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Ever thought of being filthy rich ?
Yes of course you have.
Well you would need a pad to live in - right ? Suitable for your wealth and status.’t-believe/ss-BBKdqn1?ocid=spartanntp#image=15

The above might just get you outa bed in the mornings to work on it.

Personally I would like a comfortable house with sea views and surrounded by rich natural meadows full of wild flowers, butterflies and insects. Pesticide and foul chemicals free.

How about you ?


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I got my mind on a boostedboard for some time. Never end up buying it. But i'm so hooked to that electric skateboard that i told myself someday i'll make me a gift. It's a toy, yes and i have to learn to ride it. Right now there's always something else that eats your money.


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This new tech of running your car on compressed air is really exiting.
600 miles on 1 charge !!!