Top 10 BB Posters


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Just thought I'd say a big thank you to our 10 best posters on the BB. And in particular Rizgar, who despite having problems posting recently still is undoubtedly the Winner!!

1. rizgar: 282
2. Uncle: 220
3. shelman: 144
4. Pigsy: 130
5. cookie: 125
6. Cigar: 115
7. traderx: 110
8. ChartMan: 110
9. titus-uk: 100
10. Hill Farmer:79


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Congratulations to all members who contributed in our efforts for improvement...never mind the number of my posts we're all the doubt about that...


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Thanks for the recognition Paul, but without readers we are nothing. So a BIG THANK YOU too to all those who follow the posts on this BB, and may your profits continue to multiply.

Best wishes