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First of all, I still did not Introduced myself. I am born in Russia, living in Germany since I am 10. Now I am 23. Speaking 3 Languages including English(sorry for my poor English skills). Studying Math. This is some hard ****, really.

Why I decided to create my Journal here, not just on Paper? Because of the free Community and the possibility to discuss Ideas. And when I am writing I also think more about that stuff.
Some Years ago I tried Binary Trading with real 70€. I had a bad Strategy. Did not researched well. I Grounded it to Zero in approximately 2 days. I failed like a baby, but I’ve got experience. For only 70€ xD. So I just left that Idea being a Trader.

However that Idea of being a successful Trader isn’t going out of my mind. Today, I made a decision.
Today I know that I really want to learn it. After reading a little bit of the stuff for newcomers I written down on my Paper Journal the things which are in my Opinion important:
On the first Page goes:
I want to trade profitably and consistently over the long term.
-research a trading plan, stick to it.
- don’t let emotions make the trade
-trade what you see, not what you think (depends on a point of view)
-waiting for the right setup to appear
-the ability not to trade (this one made me smile)
-trading is counter intuitive
-one mans meat is another mans poison
-know when to get out
-if you want to double your success rate, double your failure rate

While reading “Can You Recommend a Mentor, Coach or Trading Course?” on t2w I came to this:
My first try to define my Strategy, or my circumstances.
I have limited Money. 500€ for Trading.
I have limited Time. Means I can not sit all day watching the chart moving.
I must invest time for learning every day. Even if it is just one hour. So my brain keeps working on the challenges.
I want to develop my own style. Why? Quote: ”One mans meat is another mans poison”
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