Tip for Socks and Shares


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I have just done my washing and have about 30 odd socks, I have spent money on washing powder, conditioner so that they bend and electricity for the washing machine, plus a considerable amount of time trying to match the damn things.

Although I have tried to buy identical socks the manufacturers always make them slightly different.

So the solution and sock tip for the day is, as it is possible to buy 3 pairs for £1 just use once and throw away.
Sun I think I am in my undies at the moment.

Just trying to lighten things up on the boards, there seems to be a lot of negative people about who dismiss things out of hand and will not even try.

Even a brillient, intelligent, exceptional trader like me (I used to be a bighead but now I'm perfect) has learnt something new toaday thanks to Mr Charts and Co.

So lets all pull our socks up and earn some serious money.