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I have until recently been trading with dbfx, which includes access to Thomson's IFR Forex Watch news service. This is preferable to other providers (e.g. MNI) which are carried by other firms I have accounts with.

Does anyone know a good Forex platform (I trade both as SBs and 'traditional' FX) that includes IFR Forex Watch? I know FXCM does, but as I said I'm after a *good* platform...:LOL:

The dbfx news portal is only non-unique ID/password protected so if anybody happens to know the one for Janaury then it would obviously be highly unprofessional and legally questionable to let me know it. If someone were to send it to me then I would promise not to read it and then send directly to the virtual shredder.

Thanks in anticipation...

Rhody Trader

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I believe that a deal was recently done with Oanda that will have the IFR Forex Watch content made available on their platform. Don't know the specifics, though, so you may want to check on that.

In the meantime, you might find it worth checking out the new blog site they have put together. It's directed by one of the long-time Forex Watch analysts. Obviously, it won't have all the content of the real-time live service, but it might have much of the stuff you're after.

Thomson FXHub | Where money talks.

I don't believe the blog will officially launch for another week, or something, but it is definitely "live" right now, so you can give it a looksee.
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