This Week's Prostitution Arrest Photos from Frogtown MN, USA

Might have to put a link to it in my 'favourites'. Thanks for bringing it to my attention - I'm sure I'll find enough 'material' there to while away many a lonely evening.
Suppliers of triple strength paper bags must do a roaring trade in Frogtown, particularly during BOGOF promotions. :cheesy:

P.S. For those who don't know retailing terminology, BOGOF means Buy One Get One Free.
i have to confess, my main interest in that site is not the hookers, but rather the clients

as yuo can see, the Police not only publish a pic of the clients, but also the details regarding model of their ride and even the licence tag

You've got me interested. What do I need to download to view these pictures?
huh? check the link in my opening post

every week the police update that link with the latest pics of those who've been busted/convicted
I get to the page alright,the boxes that should contain the 'photos are blank,except for a little red cross in a box and picture of so-and-so written beside it.If I click on the cross,one of my options is 'show picture'.If I select this and click,the cross and writing disappear for 2seconds,then return - no picture.I don't have word on my P.C. is this the problem?
that's werd jonnyy40, i don't think Word has anything to do with it

one thing i've noticed about their pics, is that remote access has been disabled (so it's not possible to post their pics using img tags) and the pics themselves haven't been opitimized for web publishing

for example, if yuo right click on the pic of Jean Marie and read the properties, it gives the file size 39596 bytes and yet the pixel size is only 136x174

that means it can take a while for the pics to download in a browser, but that shouldn't be a problem if yuo're on cable

besides, i'm currently on a dial-up on a laptop and the pics load up fine for me, albeit slowly, so i dunno, perhaps yuo've got yuor browser set to some werd settings

are yuo on AOL by any chance? and using the default AOL browser? coz it can act a bit werd in regard to images. I'm on AOL but i use IE version 6.0
Freeserve anytime dial-up. It's ok though,the mental images I'm conjuring up are probably far worse than the real thing! I just wondered if there was some web program I could download to fix it. This is an emachine from pc world. In my ignorance I went for the cheapest model - a computer's a computer? You normally pay the price for ignorance,and this was no exception. -- On a side note. Germaine Greer advocates that certain criminals should have their faces tattooed the colour which best fits their crime -- Violent offenders would have their faces tattooed red for example. Would the subjects of these 'photos be improved by such a measure?
jonnyy40 said:
Would the subjects of these 'photos be improved by such a measure?

no, they're a lost cause....

i've lifted the pic of Jean Marie and put it on my server for yuor viewing pleasure :eek:

I think she was the life model for the alien in the purported Roswell disection film? Still, you can tell there's a tender heart behind those eyes.
they seem to be jpeg pics.
you need to check your jpeg viewer is working ok.

also go tools/internet options/advanced
and tab down until you find Multimedia 'show pictures' and check the box.
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And she's only 38!

Armando Elias needs a double bag as well. :D

Has anyone else noticed that a lot of them have a problem with their right eyes? I wondered if it was because they are punched by right handed people. It's all so sad, but it's their families I feel sorry for.
yuo say it's sad, but funny enough my perception of hookers has totally changed after reading a question & answer thread with an ex hooker on another board (i won't post a link coz as yuo can imagine the nature of the thread is very sexually explicit in parts)

at first i thought this chick was a troll but her answers seem so realistic and the striking thing is the sincerity that she's maintained for something like 3 or 4 pages especially when she was talking about her family. I've copy/pasted a few of the questions and answers below (don't worry, they're not explicit) and as yuo can see, she says that most hookers are intelligent and happy

although i suspect that Judy Lynn does not fall into that category... but this Soccer Mom strikes me as being a very kind and intelligent person who's a good mother to her kids and who loves her husband deeply. Her Q&A thread was one of the most insightful and thought provoking threads i have ever read on a message board

- Car Key Boi

Guest: Do you ever miss the action? Was it hard as a woman to not get emotionally attached? Did you get emotionally attached? How has this affected your emotional well being today? Why is it supposedly hard for a hooker to give up the business? Thanks for the Q+A

Soccer Mom: I miss the excitement/action, sure. Sometimes. But mostly the life I'm in is pretty busy and exciting in its own way (three kids, part time job, etc.) It's not something I regret doing when I did it, and it's not something I regret leaving when I did.

I got emotionally attached to a few clients, as they did with me. One of them died of cancer recently, and we had stayed in touch all these years; I cried for three days over his passing. It came in waves. It hurt as much as losing any good friend would.

My emotional wellbeing was strengthened by all the fascinating, intelligent, funny and caring men I met during my proffession. They gave me faith in men, and an understanding of men.

I didn't find it too hard to quit the biz, so I'm not sure about why some find it hard to quit. I guess it depends on what the biz was to you; for me, it was a business venture, not a validation of my desireability, or of my value as a woman.

I've been out of the biz for over a decade, and won't be going back (too old to even consider it, and now I'm kinda addicted to this whole love/monogamy thing). Even if my husband dropped dead, I'd most certainly seek out love and monogamy with another man.

Car Key Boi: okay, i'll bite, WHY did yuo do it?

Soccer Mom: I liked s*x. I needed money. I knew of the word prostitution and what it meant. I figured that it would be a good biz for me to get into.

I also know, after some self-reflection, that part of me was trying to re-earn money and sexuality I felt had been robbed from me in my youth. It was in some ways a lifestyle that helped me reclaim my physical and mental wellbeing, by being in control when I had often felt I had no control as a child, of situations and predicaments that I felt were unfair, unjustified, and cruel.

It was my way of learning how to trust men again. When I had s*x with them, and they paid me, it was somehow a clear choice on both parts to be honest, fair and non-judgemental of each other. It confirmed that men were not bad, and neither was I.

Mr Happy: Hello Soccer Mom. I'd like to ask, did you feel proud that your industry was the inspiration for so many great blues songs?

Soccer Mom: lol, I never thought about songs, but i felt pride in the biz when i saw Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts. I thought she did an excellent job. I really liked that movie, and it showed a more uplifting, upbeat and actually realistic side of prostitution that society for years had sorta doubted existed. Most of the chicks I knew in the biz were pretty happy and smart; there were the miserable ones, the drug addicts, the coniving cu**s who would rip off clients and such... but the majority of the hookers were fair players, and the majority of clients were also fair players.

The only aspect of that movie that kinda baffled me is the whole 'no kissing' thing, and I guess for some chicks the whole kissing this is 'emotional', but for me... well, kissing is part of s*x sometimes. Adds to the whole passionate nature of s*x. It did, however, make good sense to add that into the movie, because when she and Richard Gere kissed, you knew it had become something more than just s*x (for her, and for him.)

Glenn: Was your husband a client?

Soccer Mom: No, but when we first met he knew I was a hooker. My husband's family has also known from the start; my husband's cousin's boyfriend knew of me and let the family know. Funny thing is, nobody seemed to mind at all, except for the cousin. About five years into my marriage, she took me aside at a Thanksgiving gathering and apologized to me for 'judging you and being a bit*h to you for all those years.' I told her I understood she was only protecting her cousin, that there were no hard feelings, and then we hugged for a really long time and cried. It was the nicest hug I ever gave or received in my lifetime.

And most of my friends know because they knew me back then. And the friends I've made since I got married eventually find out when they ask personal questions, as friends do.

My eldest son also knows and when the other two are older I'm going to tell them that when I was young, I made some choices that I want them to be aware of and hear from me, not from anyone else. I will tell them that I sold my body for money to support myself financially when I was 18 until age 23 or so. I will then listen to their questions, answer any of their questions, hug them and reassure them that it is something that happened in my past that I just felt they should be aware of and know from me, and then I will continue to be their mom.