This month's comp

i must admit i was a little worried yesterday! i still thought british energy was going down, so i hung on.
well, all i can say now is, i wish this fifty grand was real!
good luck to everyone.
Yes. :) When I saw your 10p short go to 12p , I started to rub my hands. There we go. And to think I thought it would be Easy Jet that would fly...
Fixed daniel - had to update RDQ manually, as our feed is incorrect... It's good to be back on top, huh! :)
No probs with Vodafone this time! I'm treading on eggshells with it; (lost 3 or 4 lots of vod last game); trying to avoid it altogether if possible, but I may experiment a bit with small amounts, to identify the cause of prob.
I've changed data mining system, and having more success, also on comdirect game.
(Still putting up with Updata; got 32-bit version to load later in week)