Theres is no such thing as easy money in stock trading


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Hi to all members!

Stock market is irrational.It is fun and risky.You can lose your savings.But You can also earn millions.
You can be push to depression.You can experience ecstacy.You can lose your precious time.You can even lose your job.You can lose your family too!

Despite all these possible things that can happen to you,You can quit your 9 to 5 job and earn your retirement.You can have total freedom in doing things you want to do in anytime you want to do.You can be a happy father to a happy family.You can become 'filthy' rich!

The journey is arduous,timeconsumming,moneyconsumming,energysapping and mentally exhausting.

Yet finally you can get all the things u desire when u finally got the plan,the strategy and the discipline.

The journey goes on...

With You Fellow Traders~!:D


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Re: Gold Robot and start discussion.

I trade manually by using technical analysis. However I do not get time for trading . can you guys suggest any robot in Gold


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No substitute for education, hard work, discipline, trade planning, risk management and learning all the time. If a bot really worked no one would be selling it!
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