Are there really any good FX brokers?


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I've been doing a lot of reading and some research too. I'm from the old school of commodity trading. In futures a trader traded against another trader and not a broker.

In the futures world trading is a "Zero Sum" game. There is a winner and there is a loser; neither of which is the broker of a trade.

In the forex world there seems to be an instant conflict of interest when trading against a broker that handles the trade. The only real exception that I can see is when ECN or straight thru trading takes place.

I have 25+ years experience as a futures trader. A brain trauma 7 years ago forced an end to my futures trading life. I actually thought that the FX would be a good avenue of new income.

However, at this point it seems like an absolute loosing game if a small FX trader trades against the broker that takes the trade. :-0

I may be wrong; I kind of hope that I am, but playing against a stacked deck doesn't seem all that smart. :rolleyes:

So. Can anyone fill me in on what I'm missing when it comes to looking at the "Broker/Trader" relationship in the FX markets?

The "Buyer" thinks he/she is right. The "Seller" thinks he/she is right. Like the Highlander said. "There Can Be Only One!" :cool:

Any thoughts?

RT... :clover:

Mikhail Tegin

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rtsurvivor, your notice is reasonable. but does it really matter, who's right or wrong in terms of convictions, but in terms of "trader trades against the broker" and vice versa, i think the broker has no aim at messing up with it's clients, 'cause his goodwill might be harmed... i don't believe that all brokers are honest, but still there are some =)

Mikhail Tegin

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pobonyo, don't be sorry, 'cause anyone can loose even if he or she has traded for f year successfully... and if you're a newbie in the market, so you'd better ba even glad - we learn by our own mistakes. something else is as risky, even might be riskier
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